Order Process and Timelines

Whilst we always strive to get each order out as quickly as possible, our first priority is to deliver you with a top-quality product. As such, the below timelines will apply to each order we receive.

Step 1: You’ve sent through your enquiry. We will respond to your enquiry within 2 working days.

Step 2: We’ve received your request, with all your images and/or design guidelines along with the clear direction of what you are looking for. For designs that we do for you, we will work on your layout and you can expect your first design review within 2 to 4 working days. Should you already have your high resolution design image ready to print only, and no design is required from our side, you can expect your layout within 2 working days. Please see our terms and conditions regarding design and change fees applicable at this stage.

Step 3: You’ve requested changes done to your first design review. We will gladly assist with one free design change after the initial design has been completed. Any change requests after the first change will be at an additional R50 - R250 per change. To avoid unnecessary charges, please ensure you provide us with clear direction and your expectation for the design the first time around. Consider things like background colour, images to go in the middle, etc. when advising us of your first request. You will receive your design changes within 2 working days of each change requested.

Step 4: You’ve approved your design layout and are happy for us to proceed with your order. Once you have approved your design and you’re happy for us to complete your order, we will invoice you for payment within 1 work day. A minimum of 50% deposit is required in order for us to go to the next step, which will be to print, press and assemble your order. We will only commence with printing once your payment has reflected in our bank account, with no exception.

Step 5: We’ve received your full payment or 50% deposit. When you’ve paid your 50% deposit or paid in full, we will commence with our production stage. This stage will take between 8 and 12 working days, during which we will expertly print, press and sow (if applicable) your order.

Step 6: Your order is complete! Once your order has gone through production and is complete, we will advise you to make final payment (if only the deposit was paid previously). We will only advise you for collection, or courier your package to you, once your final payment reflects in our bank account. Should you be tight for time, we recommend you make full payment at step 4, which will allow us to courier your package or call you for collection as soon as production has been completed. We will send you a copy of your waybill the same day as the courier has collected your parcel, to allow you to track your package. The courier timeline is not included in our production time and should be allowed for as additional time to your order outside of our timelines above. 

Step 7: You’ve received your order. We love hearing from you once you’ve received your order. Please feel free to send us a picture of your order in your home!